From small mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies, smart savvy business people know and harness the power of a professional press release.

Even small business’s can experience growth with the proper use of press releases.

When it comes to press releases the size of your business doesn’t matter as much as your story does.

If you have a feel good story, a compelling tale or something newsworthy then you need a press release.

Reporters and news outlets are constantly searching for story ideas and newsworthy tidbits to cover, feature and showcase.

They will not seek you out….but if you offer a well written, concise and informative press release you have a good shot at getting some coverage.

The KISS Principle.

Keep It Super Simple.

There may be 15 layers and unlimited nuances to your story but when it comes to press releases less is more.

Sell the sizzle not the steak. 

Focus on the basics and few meaty details.

Reporters appreciate brief press releases that introduce an idea and leave room for them to retell the story in their own way.

You don’t have to tell your whole story in one release.

Outline your story into a who, what, where, when and why format.

A well-written press release is only about 400 words – and that includes a few standard sentences about your business at the end as well as a link to your website to make reporter research easy.

Once you have your release written proof it, proof it and proof it again. 

Then fact check.

Nothing worse than sending out the wrong information on a topic you should be an expert on.

Have a colleague or friend proof read it for you and listen to the feedback you get and adjust your release accordingly.

Press releases do not include photos, graphics, charts or other visuals. 

Your cover letter can offer the reporter, news desk, publisher, editor, etc. access to additional materials if you have them and they are of professional quality.

Nothing will annoy a reporter more than to get a plethora of attachments they have no interest in or can not use.

What will interest writers, bloggers and the press in general is a concise and interesting story that is easy to understand and has a mass appeal.

Don’t forget to include your contact info ON THE RELEASE.

Your cover letter or email will most likely become separated from the release itself.

Be sure you include your name, title, phone and email on the press release. 

A reporter may hand off the release to a colleague or another department and having your contact information easily accessible is key.newsyourstoryhere

By following the simple guidance and general press release rules in this article you can and will impress the press and begin to build your brand in mainstream media.

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